Team Elevate 2022


Elevate-1 Davide Bomboi.png
Kevin Hulsmans (DS)


We Are Elevate.
16 U23 riders, all with the same ambition and goal: stepping up to professional level.

Elevate-1 Davide Bomboi.png
Davide Bomboi
Elevate-3-Arno Claeys.png
Arno Claeys
Elevate-2-Toon Clynhens.png
Toon Clynhens
Elevate-5-Tom Day.png
Tom Day
Elevate-4-Arthur De Jaeger.png
Arthur De Jaeger
Elevate-6-Siebe Deweirdt.png
Siebe Deweirdt
Elevate-12 Senne Hulsmans.png
Senne Hulsmans
Elevate-11 Jan Kino.png
Jan Kino
Miguel Ladang
Elevate-13 Gust Lootens.png
Gust Lootens
Elevate-10-Robin Orins.png
Robin Orins
Elevate-16 Lorenz Van De Wynkele.png
Lorenz Van de Wynkele
Elevate-14 Warre Vangheluwe.png
Warre Vangheluwe
Elevate-7-Diel Vergote.png
Diel Vergote
Elevate-15 Jonathan Vervenne.png
Jonathan Vervenne
Obie Vidts